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For businesses who don’t have a cellar, beer lines or taps at their premises, we’ve created our very own Kegerators for short or long-term rental.

Kegerators are also perfect for events! Whatever the occasion, we can provide a Kegerator, beer and training to help you serve delicious Redwell beer to your guests.

We build all Kegerators on-site using upcycled second-hand fridges, helping to keep electrical waste out of local landfill.

Do you want to offer fresh Redwell beer on-tap? Do you want beer on-tap for an event? We welcome all enquiries and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Beer on Tap – No Cellar Required!

When you rent a Kegerator from us we provide full training and support, so don’t worry if you’ve never had to deal with a cellar set-up before – we’ve got you covered.

We’ll explain how everything works, show you how to change a keg when it gets empty and how to pour the perfect pint!


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